Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Adventure has Begun!

For those of you who are wondering where I am currently, the mostly music kids are safely stationed at the Bible School in Scandicci, Italy. Our long journey here started yesterday morning with a flight from little rock to Atlanta, GA. Although the plane was incredibly cramped, the flight was uneventful and we arrived on time. Our second flight was our longest, and gave us the lovely gift of loosing 7 hours. Basically you get on a plane in the early afternoon, have a 4 hour "evening" and a 4 hour "night" and when you get off the plane in Paris, its morning again. This ride was in a bigger plane with movies and meals, and an interesting seat buddy. The guy who sat next to me was incredibly unfriendly..until he had four glasses of red wine. Four. The man was so sloshed, that the flight attendant had to tell him to quiet down at one point. If my friends hadn't been sitting close by it could have been much more awkward, but thankfully they told me to just ignore him and "sleep". Well I did, but not before he told all us college girls where the best place was to buy white wine in Florence. Yes, thanks dude... that will take us so far on a Harding trip. Thankfully he fell asleep for the rest of the flight and didn't bother me anymore, and we arrived on time at 5:30am in Paris-Degaulle airport. After some confusion of where our next gate was, a lot of walking, more security, and a bus-ride, we were at our next gate. I have to say that after an excruciating 8 hour flight next to someone you would rather not sit by, sitting in an airport on a 4 hour layover... is pretty terrible. After a lot a waiting, sleeping, and people-watching, we were finally on our way to Florence. Upon our arrival in Florence we only lost two suitcases, one of the professors and one of the boys, and we should be able to get them within the day. After a bus ride through the incredibly narrow streets of Florence and Scandicci, we made it to the Bible school where we all piled out for home-cooked food and soft beds. Tomorrow starts with a sight-seeing day in Florence, a lot of walking, and hopefully some gelato. I’ll keep you posted!!!

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  1. I made it sound like we lost two suitcases, plus a professor and one of the boys..however this is not true. We lost of the professors suitcases and one of the guys suitcases.