Thursday, June 6, 2013

A day in the life.

So before I tell you about our awesome trip to Assisi in my next blog, I will answer some questions I have been getting. I know you have been taking awesome trips every few days, but you are studying right? Yes, I have actually been working my tail off. On our trip we have been studying Music History and Hymnology(which is like church history through music) and actually we are taking 2 semesters of music history! We finished the first semester of music history today, and we will be taking the final next Sunday while we are in Vienna. An average day for me begins at 7am with getting up and getting ready for breakfast at around 8. I don't have the very first class, so I get to relax until 10am when we have music history. Lunch is usually around 12:30 with Hymnology beginning at 2 and my last general class at 3:30. We have tests every few days (we had three just this week) and we definitely work really hard while we're here. Classes with Dr G are always a blast. We gather around crowded tables in the Bible School's small classroom and listen while he tells us everything there is to know about Gregorian chant, the Thirty Years War, and Handel's church music. He mostly just lectures on one topic for about 15 minutes and then he'll remember something else that was going on at the same time in history and he'll say his famous phrase, "Meanwhile...back at the ranch.." Of course we all know there were no ranches in 17th century Venice, so we all crack up while he pretends not to notice. Although some are getting bored of music history, or pass the time in class on facebook, I find his classes incredibly interesting and I'm glad we've finally made it to composers that I have heard of!
Within a few days we will be hitting the ground running our last four and a half weeks traveling across 4 more countries before we make the long trek home. I miss my family a lot and although this summer is amazing, I will be happy to see them again and tell them of all my adventures. 

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  1. Keep it up, Amy. I love following you here and on FB. It is fun remembering my own semester at HUF (feeling a tiny skootch of jealousy) and just so excited you are getting such a great opportunity to study in such a birthplace of music. Very, very cool!