Monday, July 1, 2013

Adventuring through Austria

Well as I'm sure you could tell, I haven't posted in a while. We've been in Prague for almost two weeks, having classes and tests almost everyday. I am done with all of that except for one final and it feels AMAZING. Summer and studying just don't go well together. But for the sake of my readers I will go back in my mind to my experiences in the great country of Austria.
My first memory of Austria is from the train. After we left Venice, I became very excited to see how the landscape would change as we switched countries. I noticed the towering mountains first, and then the tall apartment buildings disappeared replaced by small, perfect houses built like cuckoo clocks. We spent about 7 hours on trains that day, so I certainly got my fill of the Austrian countryside.
The next day a small number of us attended The Sound of Music Tour, which was definitely had memories of a lifetime. We visited some places from the movie like the gazebo and the grounds of the house (where Maria and the children fell out of the canoe).

My favorite part of the tour by far wasn't any of the places from the movie, it was the long ride out into the Austrian countryside while singing along to the music from the movie, and the small fishing village we visited while there. The movie came alive to me while our whole bus sang "Do Re Mi" while gliding through the alps. At the village I got to venture off by myself (because the whole town was tourists and it was basically like an American Resort for campers & backpackers) and take some pictures of the breathtaking lake, mountains, and harbor.

Austria is my favorite place I've been so far, and I would love to return to this little town to hike the mountains, sail on the lake, and just breathe the air.

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