Monday, July 8, 2013

Closing one chapter and opening the next.

We have been in Paris for about five days now, and this is our last official day in Europe before we get back on a plane and hop across the pond. We have seen many famous things here, like every single subway stop in Paris. Just kidding, although it feels like it. 
We started out our adventure by going to Versailles and seeing the palace of King Louis XIV. After traipsing around palace, we got to see a concert opera in his own personal theatre inside the palace. That was pretty cool! 
The rest of the days we have roamed the city doing whatever we could find to do. Kaitlin and I spent one of our free days roaming the 5th avenue of Paris (Champs Elysee) and looking in all the big stores. Yesterday morning we met up at Notre Dame and heard the Oklahoma State University Chorale sing inside the cathedral.
 That was really amazing. The echo in Notre Dame is unbelievable, although normally you wouldn't get to hear it because a respectful silence is expected. 
After leaving Notre Dame we all went to the Louvre and saw some amazing artwork. Jordan, Meredith and I stood in a mob of people for about 15 minutes to see this famous lady. 

Even though the Louvre is famous for all the paintings it has, we have seen so many that we were ready to see something else. I took the advice of my friend Corey (who went to the Louvre about 3 months ago) and we directed ourselves toward the Egyptian and Grecian art. After walking through the Islamic art as well (which had some really pretty pottery) we decided that the Louvre had beat us, our feet hurt, and we were ready to get out of there. 

Today we will see the Eiffel Tower tonight before having a farewell dinner. Then tomorrow we board our flight at 10:45 and leave for America. I don't think I have ever missed my country so much as I do now. 
Even though my adventure through Europe has come to a close, this traveling music teacher isn't done yet. In just a few short days (July14) I will start my two week adventure at Camp Caudle in Arkansas. I am very excited to see what God has in store for me there, and I am ready to serve whoever God puts in my path. 
Blessings from Paris!

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